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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Vs. A Debt Management Plan


If you struggle with debt, you probably want to find a solution that will help you pay off debt in a manageable way. Two such options are Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a debt management plan. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is similar to a debt management plan in many ways. However, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy does have some advantages that a debt management plan does not. Before you make any decisions about which option is best for your situation, read on.

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Converting a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Into a Chapter 7


If your credit card debt, medical debt, mortgage payments, or student loans have become too much to handle, you may be mulling over the prospect of bankruptcy. For many debtors, entering a Chapter 13 repayment plan can streamline and restructure their finances enough to emerge from the plan with a manageable debt load and even a bit of savings.

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