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Skilled Attorney Helping Lexington Clients File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Past Due
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a more involved approach than Chapter 7 to achieve debt relief. It’s similar to the Chapter 11 provision that struggling corporations can apply for but geared toward individuals. In reality, its purpose is to reorganize existing financial obligations to make them easier to pay. A Chapter 13 lawyer and, later in the process, an impartial trustee will together act in your place so you don’t have to deal with court proceedings or communication with creditors. Persons in the Lexington area can count on Attorney Patrick T. Smith for professional representation. There are limits in regards to the dollar amounts of secured debts in your name to qualify for a Chapter 13 debt repayment plan. There are additional income requirements to be met to ensure continued work toward clearing away financial obligations. This revenue does not necessarily have to come from employment earnings; it may also be drawn from sources such as alimony, child support and workers' compensation benefits. Your representative will prepare schedules and statements to file your bankruptcy case in the court serving your area.

Benefits of Filing

  • Reduce or eliminate unsecured debt, such as credit card balances 
  • Stop garnishments and pending foreclosures
  • Remove a second or third mortgage
  • Keep personal property such as your car, and in some cases, reverse a pending repossession
  • Pay off back taxes without penalties or interest adding to the burden

Get Out of Hard Financial Times in Frankfort & Versailles

If you think you could eliminate debt in three to five years’ time, a skilled bankruptcy lawyer can help you reorganize your obligations, negotiate with creditors and navigate the complexities of the law. Those who are looking for a Chapter 13 attorney in Frankfort, Versailles or Lexington can give our office a call for a free consultation at 859-258-2000.