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Compassionate Chapter 7 Attorney Serving Greater Lexington

Anyone can fall into a difficult economic situation, often through no fault of their own. A serious health problem, loss of employment or divorce are examples of triggers that create the need for urgent financial first aid. Attorney Patrick T. Smith is a Chapter 7 lawyer in Lexington who focuses his practice on assisting anyone who is at his or her financial limit to find relief. A consumer who receives protection under Chapter 7 can have most unsecured debts wiped away. Other financial obligations, such as student loans, property taxes and child support, will still need to be met.

Advantages of Filing

A Chapter 7 attorney can help you to clean your financial slate so you are able to start rebuilding your credit rating. Some of the benefits you may receive thanks to filing include:
  • Immediately stop harassing phone calls from creditors and collections agents
  • End garnishments and threats of repossession 
  • Cancel credit card debts
  • Completely discharge medical bills
  • Eliminate outstanding IRS obligations
  • Eradicate tax bills that are at least three years old
  • Free income that would otherwise have been used for interest and debt payments 
  • Keep your home, car and other personal possessions by staying current with payments

Serving Versailles, Frankfort & Beyond

There are income limits for those who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filers need to pass what’s known as a “means test,” where the individual’s revenue is examined against the median earnings of a comparable model household in the same region. Those who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 may be able to receive protection under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Persons in Lexington, Frankfort and Versailles are welcome to call our office for a free consultation. You can reach us at 859-258-2000.